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Daesung Energy Co., Ltd provides safe, reliable and environmental-friendly natural gas to 900,000 customers of households, buildings, businesses and industries in Daegu metropolitan area and its vicinities. By this we are contributing the better life of customers, cleaner nature and more hopeful future. Daesung Energy Co., Ltd is a member of the Daesung Group, Korea’s leading energy-based corporation.

In addition to the natural gas we provide, Daesung Energy Co., Ltd has made significant efforts to develop the new and environmental-friendly energy source in order to prepare for global energy innovations such as reducing CO2 emission according to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The technology of Daesung Energy Co., Ltd has already been successful in implementing two projects-a landfill gas-to-energy project which makes use of landfill gas from Bangcheonli landfill site into energy and a community energy system in Jukgok town in Daegu.

In the end of 2008, Daesung Energy Co., Ltd is chosen as supervising company in the construction of a 200 kW concentrating solar power system which is of a tower type and the biggest capacity in Korea. Also, we have almost completed the first phase of GEEP(green eco-energy park) project which builds a renewable energy park, a monitoring building, an arboretum and nursery in Nalaygh near Ulaanbaatar Mongolia.

In conclusion, I would like to make every effort for Daesung Energy Co., Ltd to become a leading global energy company in the area of natural gas distribution and new & renewable energy businesses. Also, all our employees will contribute to the public and take the corporate social responsibility seriously.

I appreciate your time and visiting our website.

Thank you.

Seokki Kang